BL-66C Slit Lamp Microscope
BL-66C Slit Lamp Microscope
RetiWave 1000 A/B Scanner
RetiWave 1000  A/B Scanner


Product Details

Inspection   range 90°
Inspection   distance 30CM
Background light brightness White 31.5asb
Visual   target brightness 1asb—10000asb
Visual target size GoldmannⅢ
Visual target interval time 200ms
Visual target interval time Standard  or adjustment   according  to patient reflection
Threshold test model Center 5º-16,center10º-68,24-2,30-2,30º-60º,nasal step
Upper Threshold test model 30º-40 , 30º-76,P-60, 60º-81, 60º-120,1 90º-135 nasal side
Special detection strategy Esterman monocular,Esterman   binocular ,user-customized test,
150º driver monocular fast detection,150º driver monocular standard detection ,upper 36°detection,blind spot detection, 150ºhorizontal straightness detection
Pupil size test Automatic
Fixation monitoring Blind  spot   monitoring ,eye position eye position   deviation alarm,eye   deviation  curve
Environment light detection Automatic
Analysis software Reliability analysis,single vision report,triple vision report,GPA half vision analysis,
GPA glaucoma developing analysis ,VFI vision index analysis
Operation system Win7 above
Size 412mm(length)* 497mm(width)*   513mm(height)
Weight 17kg
Power 100-240V ,50-60Hz


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