TL – 6800 Auto Lensmeter
TL – 6800 Auto Lensmeter
VT – 100 Comprehensive Refractometer
VT – 100 Comprehensive Refractometer


Product Details:

Sphere: Range:-19.00-.16.75-1 Step:0.25-1m, 3.00m-1
Cylinder: Rang e:0.00–6m-1(Measuring Range with Accessories 0.00–8.00m-1)
Step :0.25m-1
Cylinder Axial: Range:0-180° Step:5°
Cross Cylinder: *0.25m-1
Rotating Prism: Range:OA -20A Step:1A
Distance of Optical centerlalso known as pupil):
Range:50-75mm Step:1mm
Sight Switch:
Range: – -380mm(distance of Optical center is 6amm)
Front Chin Test:Range:0-16mm
Distance(from cornea vertex to the lens surface): 16mm
Standard Accessories Lens: Two pieces of Auxiliary Cylinder -2.00m-land-0.12m-1 respectively
Standard Accessories: One piece of M2 hexagon wrench • one piece of a myopia standard card
Two piece of myopia standard card, one piece of standard card holder, a dust cover
Size: 338(L) x 990M x 292(H)mm
NW: About 5kg


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