YZ20P5 Surgical Microscope
YZ20P5 Surgical Microscope
E-200 Auto Lens meter
E-200 Auto Lens meter


Product Details:


Main Microscope Olympus SZ51
Eyepiece 10x wide field
Angle 45°
Pupillary Distance 50-76mm
Diopter Adjustment ±5D Binocular
Objective Diameter 45mm
Magnification 4x-20x continuous zoom
Manual Zoom
Field of View 8mm-65mm
Working Distance ≥170mm
Focus Speed ±20mm Foot Control
Assistant  microscope Magnification  7x
Illumination System:
Type Fiber Optic
Light source Double bulbs, LED lamp
Control Adjustable
Intensity ≥60,000Lux
Power AC110V~220V, 60Hz/50Hz
Base Part:
Length of Arm Extended 1100mm
Elevation ±100mm
Foot Switch Power Focus


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