• Features:

    • Generous and beautiful design, convenient installation and humanized operation;
    • Superior quality Japanese OLYMPUS SZX7 Main Microscope;
    • Adaptable with video system to record operations for teaching and study purposes;
    • Independent stereo coaxial Assistant Microscope;
    • DO The surgery is safer by adopted aspherical illumination system and red reflex set ;
    • Stable and reliable X-Y speed, with imported low noise motor; Accurate location and fine control performance;
    • Natural color, clear stereo field of view, and high resolution contrast images;
    • The operation is convenient by double bulbs design and compact panel;
    • OO There are 8 functions in one Foot Switch to meet different surgery needs;
    • BIOM Lens & Image Inverting Lens can be used to meet retinal vitreous surgery;
  • Features:
    1. Japanese OLYMPUS SZ51 main microscope;
    2. Excellent Achromatic Optical system;
    3. Red reflex set makes surgery safer;
    4. Wide field of view,solid sense and good depth of field;
    5. Adopted coaxial illumination imported halogen lamp and fiber optics,with high brightness;
    6. Assistance Microscope optional: 7X;
    7. Imported optical system and parallel optical path design,with sharp and high resolution images;
    8. Imported motor, with low noise and strong stability.

  • YZ20P5 Surgical Microscope is a simple binocular coaxial microscope for a single man. It is small, light weight and in high agilrly, to meet general requirements of surgery, especially suitable for mobile medical treatment.

    1. Multi-layer technology is adopted in optical lens;
    2. Configured with foot control focus,3 step magnifications, deep field of view, and good binocular fusion;
    3. Apochrornatic technology is used to bring clearer vision Sr Me operators;
    4. Light weight and compact, especially applicable for mob!, treatment;
    5. Optional despoil components to make machine more portable;
    6. Optional Objecfiye Lens: F250, F300, F350, F400