• with built-in lens scanner , 3D lens scanner

    ALE1600   without lens groover function

    ALE-1600G  With lens groover , and safe chamfering


    1. 7 inch hd LCD touch screen:Resolution 1024×600;

    2. Data storage:The scan data can be saved when power down and can store 500 template data;

    3. Date form change:The scanned shape could be changed freely  (to zoom in or out from left to right, from up to down, from lower edge, or to zoom in and out from axial position);

    4. Easy operation interface

    5. Quick scan: 3 seconds;

    6. Preview interface can input PD, PH conveniently;

    7. For different material lens processing requirement ( Cr-39, PC, HC,HI, glass, etc) ;

    8. Adjusting bevel position freely:The user can adjust full frame ratio by themselves (Auto, 33%, 55%,  Bend forwards , Curve backward , etc. )

    9. Precision, no-parallax optical scanner, optical center meter, with fast scanning speed, low failure rate;

    10. Combined Scanner with Center meter as one;

    11. External storage containers can provide easy storage for customer;

    12. Built-in wheel with diameter of small specification90mm, with fast processing speed.