• Inner thermal printer
    • High speed LCD, Touch screen
    • Report Data: Patient’s name, ID, Right/Left, Doctor’s name, Date, IOL Table
    • Modes: Manual , Automatic
  • Ultrasonic A/B Scanner for Ophthalmology

    1).12.1″  color and touch screen .

    2). With the same software as Quantel , top one in China

    With advanced intelligent digital software and parameters of freezed and Stored images could  be adjusted voluntarily.

    3).Can have different results on the report according to different constants A

    Scan A measures data for every part of the eyeball as anterior chamber depth, lens thickness axial length and so on which are needed in ophthalmic surgeries , and calculates IOL by axial length.

    4).B scanner use electromagnetic ,better save B probe life .

    Scan B displays profile images of the eyeball clearly and directly. Scanning anatomical forms and nidi inside the eyeball, doctors can diagnose accurately for examination of cataract , vitreous body disease, ocular trauma, detachment of retina or choroid , macula disease , and intraocular tumor, etc

    5). B scanner ,video playback of 100 images.

    6). A scanner , one group with 10 data to get average ,At the same time the accuracy is 0.05mm